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Tirhuta Lipi


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If this side of page doesn't display properly:
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c cf O O{ p pm

P P] cf] cf} c+ cM

s v u 3  

r 5 h m `

6 7 8 9 0f

t y b w g

k km a e d

o / n j z if ; x

If q 1

s sf ls sL s' s"

s] s} sf] sf} s+ sM

d| k{ a[ ;F 6\\







If this side of page doesn't display properly:
CLICK HERE. (Download TirhutaLipi Font)


c cf O OQ p pQ

P PT ~ ~T c+ cM

s v u 3  

r 5 h `

6 7 8 9 0

t y b w g

k m a e d

o / n j z i ; x

I q 1

s sf ls sL s' s"

]s ]s} ]sf ]sf} s+ sM

d| k{ a[ ;F 6\\



1. Tirhuta Font has been developed considering easiness  to use; and keyboard layout is almost same as PREETI font. Please note:

OQ , pQ use    Q which is at Q.

~ is at ~.

PT ,~T use   T which is at   T.

2.It is not convenient to integrate/use all of the compounds (the no is large in Tirhuta). So for the time being only few compounds have been provided. The  compounds will be added in subsequent upgrading according to users' and experts' feedback.

......To know more about this

3. If you are going to use Tirhuta Lipi for the first time, please see above examples.

4. If you have a text in PREETI font, you can directly change it to TIRHUTA by selecting it and changing the font, with some minor corrections, like:

] of PREETI font will appear as ] after the character, which should be before a character in TIRHUTA. Similarly,  you need a little bit correction if you are using  O{ pm P] cf] cf} m km

5. We are constantly upgrading the font, so if you find appearance of a character not satisfactory, please check with a new version. You can also report for improving appearance of some characters.


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